Josh & Marty

Josh Martin

Josh hails from the great town of Gaffney, SC. A passionate LA Chargers and SC Gamecocks fan, Josh understands disappointment well. Coming from a long line of media giants, Josh brings vision and content to T & J.

Marty Height

Marty was born in Dayton, OH, but has called South Carolina home since 2005. Motivated by good stories and dad jokes, Marty works to flash irreverent humor with a dash of insight in his role on T & J.

Josh and Marty knew each other less than three months before launching Tattoos & Jesus. Recognizing the comedic genius, riveting stories, and insightful observations embedded in their conversations, they quickly realized the world could be deprived of these backroom conversations no longer. Despite their new relationship, Josh and Marty share a love of coffee, faith, psychology, tattoos and humor and work to bring these qualities to the podcast.